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IT Checklist and Analyzing Your Needs


You'll Benefit From Our Experience

Your Risk-FREE No Obligation ITNeeds Analysis, includes a detailed game plan with recommendations appropriate for your business and budget.  From consulting to application training and support, we offer a full range of services for your business.  Browse this section to familiarize yourself with some of the services we can perform for you and then contact us to get on the road to increased profits.

Information Technology (IT) & eBusiness Consulting

At Ariesoft, we understand that you need to focus on your business and can not afford to waste time trying to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies.  We know you don't have the time to decipher complicated techno-babble.  We take the pain out of the process and provide an easy-to-understand and easy-to-afford plan of action.

As a result of your ITNeeds Analysis, we will have the information necessary to give an assessment of your existing IT system, devise a strategic plan to transform your business' systems, and set you on the path to meeting your goals.

From LAN/WAN Network Design and Application Software Consulting to eBusiness Shopping Carts and Workflow Collaboration we can help you take your business to where you want it to be.


Hardware & Software Procurement

Gigabytes and kilobytes, RAM and SCSI hard drives with optional RAID control - enough to make anyone's head spin.  At Ariesoft, we speak your language and make hardware and software recommendations based on your business needs, manufacturer support and cost.

We don't ever recommend technology simply because it's hot or cutting edge.  We are not tied to any single manufacturer and our independence allows us to recommend the most practical and cost effective solutions from the top manufacturers including Dell, Microsoft, IBM, and many, many others.

We can supply everything from simple workstations to videoconferencing solutions and we make it affordable with custom designed payment plans including attractive leasing options.


Network Integration & Support

The key to a well thought out IT system is the integration of all components of your network.  A poorly designed network can be the demise of your entire system resulting in lost revenue.

From Network Design and Implementation, Internet, Email and Groupware Solutions, to Remote Access/VPN Solutions and Backup, wireless networking and Data Recovery Planning, we understand the importance of your network and the need to minimize downtime. We ensure your network is functioning at its peak performance by proactively scheduling preventative maintenance.

Should you encounter a problem, we provide immediate on-site support.

Ariesoft will help you through the myriad of networking options and integrate all systems for real-time access and synchronization.


Security Assessments & Remediation

Did you know that most security breaches are caused internally? As part of our ITNeeds Analysis, we provide an internal security risk evaluation.  As a result of this evaluation, we provide detailed recommendations on how best to address critical network security issues.

Our Security Assessment analyzes everything from your Firewall and Virus Protection to User Access Policies and Remote Access Security.  As a result of our assessment, we will help you design comprehensive internal policies which run the gamut from anti-virus guidelines to encryption policies, and in the process address any deficiencies in your organization's procedures.


Software Application Training & Support

From off-the-shelf applications to custom-designed software, we work with you to select and design software that fits the specific needs of your business.   Our ITNeeds Analysis, provides the information needed for us to understand the types of software most appropriate for your business and how those applications will be used.

Where appropriate we implement  upgrades and changes to your software including customization, or importing legacy data into your new application. We recognize that any changes to your software applications will not be beneficial unless your staff is brought up-to-speed on the new applications, so we work with your staff to provide customized training on all applications.


Web Site Design & Marketing

The Internet, while exciting and new, adds additional factors to consider.  Should you maintain a simple brochure site or go hi-tech with elaborate Flash design? Should you accept credit cards online? Should you add a shopping cart to your website?  What's the best way to attract visitors to your site?

At Ariesoft, we provide complete web design, development, maintenance and marketing solutions. We'll even provide for the hosting of your site, search engine optimization and submission, visitor traffic statistics and Internet marketing.  From Internet, Intranet, & Extranet Implementations and Database (backend) Development to Content Development, Copywriting & Marketing, we'll get you speeding along on the Information Super Highway.


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