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Analyzing Your Needs


Analyzing Your Information Technology Needs


Ariesoft understands that like most small to medium sized businesses you may not be able to afford to hire an in-house technology staff to maintain and stay up-to-date with your information technology systems. We also understand your technology system is an investment meant to generate revenue and lower your costs.

We know that the frantic pace with which technology changes, the techno-babble and the multitude of available options makes selecting the best hardware and software for your needs a daunting task. At Ariesoft, we take the pain out of the process. Our proprietary ITNeeds Analysis of your business allows us to find and implement the most appropriate systems for your business at a fraction of the time and cost it would take if you tried to manage the task yourself.

Let's Get Started:

We'll start by focusing on the objectives of your business and finish with a detailed game plan and recommendations appropriate for your needs and budget. We recognize that every business and budget is different and tailor our services to fit your needs.

For companies which only want service as needed, we provide service on an hourly basis. This option gives firms assurance in knowing help is only a phone call away without being obligated to a service contract or hiring a full-time staff.

Other companies prefer to have on-going maintenance contracts and regular on-site support. Maintenance contracts, retainer agreements, on-site support and training are custom designed for your business and are adjustable as you go. We have offered annual contracts for services as little as four hours to as large as the equivalent of a full-time staff.

Immediate cost savings are realized for those firms which employ us to provide their entire in-house IT needs. Not only do those firms receive discounted hourly rates but there are no costs associated with employee benefits, training, continuing education, absenteeism or employee turnover.

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