Exit Offers™

Exit Offers™ was designed to run completely independent of your point-of-sale system. It only requires your high speed Internet connection and the use of your thermal receipt printer or other graphics enabled receipt printer. And Exit Offers™ actually PAYS YOU for each offer printed!

Store Owners
“Earning you more as they leave your store”

Exit Offers™ creates a unique profit center for retail stores by delivering product offers from brand owners directly to your customers, boosting sales by incentivizing them to buy more – more often. And not only will you boost sales, but the savings your customers will realize will result in increased customer loyalty. Recent research has found that a small group of customers drive 80% of your sales. Isn’t it time you rewarded those customers?

There are no costs to you to participate in Exit Offers™. In fact, we’ve designed the program so you’ll actually earn a profit from each offer printed.  Let us show you how we can improve your bottom line.  Exit Offers™  will enable you to get more from your customers by:

  • Influencing and increasing customer purchase amounts

  • Increasing the number of trips to your store

  • Building customer loyalty

  • Increasing the sales of your most profitable items

Brand Owners
“Put your brand in the palm of their hand”

When it comes to reaching consumers, we know it’s a complicated and costly endeavor to get your message into the hands of your target audience.  Exit Offers™ is an advertising distribution network that delivers custom offers and messages directly to your loyal consumers and your competitor’s consumers, all in real-time.  Instead of solely relying on static, mass-market advertising programs with the hope of reaching your target audience, you can now communicate directly with consumers.

Our approach is simple and direct. There are no magical, proprietary formulas that try to match your products with some past purchase patterns as  past purchases do not necessarily indicate current purchase patterns. We focus on the here and now – no smoke and mirrors – no fancy algorithms – no paralyzing analytics.

Exit Offers™ will drive consumer behavior with custom offers that:

  • Build direct relationships with consumers

  • Promote your social media and online campaigns

  • Increase product recognition

  • Bridge your online and offline campaigns

  • Improve product launch results

  • Increase volume during each shopping visit

  • Take sales away from your competition

  • Increase purchase frequency

Sample Offer

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