The BeerTender™ In-Depth

We know your time is precious.  Experience shows that by automating and managing your sales, inventory and accounting systems, you will have more time to tend to the growth of your business. Click on the links below to find out how The BeerTender™ can simplify, improve and manage your sales, pricing and inventory systems for less than $7 a day. Then call us to take the first step to automating and managing your beer and beverage business.  You’ll save time while increasing your profits.

Maximize Your Sales Growth and Go from Flat to Frothy

  • Speedy barcode customer check-out will have your customers coming
    back for more.

  • Complete the NYS Keg Registration Form in triplicate in less than 1 minute.

  • Immediate price checking at your fingertips

  • Instantly produce detailed store receipts and customer invoices

  • Easily set-up weekly “on-sale” items

  • Create customer lists, shelf labels and more

  • Track sales and balances by customer

Simplify Your Inventory Management

  • 7,000+ item database to make start-up a breeze

  • Barcode scanning of manufacturers’ UPC codes allows for accurate and speedy processing and setup

  • Automatic adjustment of inventory data with every sale and product entry

  • Re-order alerts let you know what you’re running low before it’s too late and avoids overbuying

Keep Track of Your Business with the Tap of a Key

  • Track sales and profits by brand, type, category size and date

  • Assess costs and profit margins in seconds

  • Track keg and tap deposits

  • Keep tabs on empties

  • End-of-day Z-Out report summarizes daily activity by register

Effortlessly Manage Your Accounting

  • Point of sale data entry automatically updates accounting records

  • Instant reports let you know how much your customers owe

  • Automatically identify customer tax status and process accordingly

  • Effortlessly process payments received so you don’t run short of cash

  • Generate monthly customer statements to improve cash flow

Secure Your Systems

  • Optionally restrict data entry and select functions to authorized employees

  • Optionally track sales and system interactions by employee, ensuring total accountability

When it comes to beer and beverage stores, we know what it’s like to have to manage the wholesale and retail POS side of your business. Ariesoft has been meeting the needs of businesses like yours for many years and we know your focus is on the bottom line. Contact us TODAY and start on the road to increasing profits for less than $7 a day.