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The NYS Keg
Registration Form

With the simple scan of a drivers' license, Home D's can now complete the NYS Keg Registration Form in triplicate in less than one minute. It's just another way we save you time in order to save you money - simply.

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Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler Annual Reporting

Report Overview


NYS Information Return for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers
The New Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler Annual Reporting Requirements


Feeling burdened by the new alcoholic beverage wholesaler annual reporting requirements? The BeerTender™, easy to use wholesale software module, designed specifically for NY State C Licensee Beer and Beverage Wholesalers, will produce the NYS Information Return for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers in under one minute. We'll make this headache disappear permanently.

The Process:

It's as simple as 1-2-3...
1. Create and print your wholesale invoices using The BeerTender™, or hand write them and enter them afterwards.
2. Select the item categories (beer, cider, wine coolers, etc.) you need to report to the state.
3. Enter your reporting period and press a button.

The BeerTender™ will then compile the wholesale data for the categories selected, exclusive of deposits, and create an Information Return for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers spreadsheet similar to that shown below. Just login to your Online Services account on the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance web site, then upload the spreadsheet and you're done!

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