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What’s Hot! What’s Not

July 15, 2008 - As the weather warmed up in the second quarter of 2008, we took a look to see who enjoyed the largest case share and sales share increases in the NY Home D retail market.  Of the top ten growth brands by volume, 60% were light beers. In fact, the top 5 brands were light beers.  Bud Light Lime's effect on the light beer market is very evident, especially on Bud Light which had an unusually robust quarter.  In fact, Bud Light Lime's effect on Bud Light reminds us a lot of the initial effects we saw on Heineken as a result of Heineken Premium Light's introduction into the market.

If second quarter results are any indication, summer 2008 in the NY Home D retail market will result in a markedly different landscape from anything we have seen before.  Year-to-date results ending 6/30 as compared to the second quarter ending 6/30 have drastically different volume and sales share leaders. It's apparent that economic forces, industry consolidation and new brand introductions and promotions are changing the playing field.  While many of last year's leaders are seeing red, several economy beers, whose brewers have pumped up marketing efforts, are all the rage. We're looking forward to seeing the results of the summer splash and will keep you posted.


Bud Light Lime's Halo on Bud Light

GREAT NECK, NY – July 15, 2008 - It's no secret that in most markets the results of Bud Light Lime's market introduction have been most impressive. What is equally impressive is the halo effect that has resulted most notably with Bud Light in the NY Home D retail market.  It reminds us of the halo that surrounded Heineken with the launch of Heineken Premium Light, where for several periods in 2007 both Heineken and Heineken Premium Light realized substantial case share and sales share increases. Eventually, the halo wore off and we watched as Heineken Premium Light's case share increases were offset by Heineken's case share loses. That cannibalization continues as we look at the quarter and YTD results ending 6/30.

As usual, it will be interesting to watch Bud Light Lime's path. While the current attention it's receiving may be short lived, we haven't seen any other brand introduction get these types of results so quickly in this market. Is there real potential here or in the end will Bud Light Lime simply take market share from Bud Light?


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