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Early Recession Insights

January 15, 2009 - In recessionary times, beer is often thought of as "recession proof". A review of the last quarter of 2008 in the NY Home Distributor's retail market, however, reveals a somewhat different story.  While budget brands like Keystone Light and Natural Light had some of the largest case share increases, some higher priced brews experienced increases as well. For example Yuengling, which has consistently experienced case share losses in this market, saw significant case share increases. And while certainly not a budget brand, its mid-level pricing and reputation as a premium American lager  suggest it's being seen as a "trade up" in this economy. Further supporting this theory are the significant case share losses within craft beer, a segment whose average case share price exceeds Yuengling by more than $10. Sam Adams suffered a loss of .75 for the quarter, wiping out its healthy summer gains, and Blue Point's losses were also substantial at .61.

Fortunately, the last quarter results were not bleak for everyone. Bud Light Lime continued to make gains in the NY Home D retail market, and Bud Light continued to bask in the halo of its brethren's ad campaign with a whopping case share increase. Bud, on the other hand, was not as fortunate, experiencing very significant case share losses - possibly hinting of some cannibalization on the part of the Bud Light and Bud Light Lime campaigns.


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